“A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places.”
Isabelle Eberhardt

How many hidden worlds are there?
This question has framed so much of my life. Every tea ceremony, every encounter with a curious mind, every inspired work of art… all unexpected treasures of introspection.

My worlds…
I’ve lived my life as a voyage, one that has taken me around the world to follow my dreams and confront my fears.

I was raised by my proud Colombian mother, always reminding me of my rich history, no matter where we made our home. Her spiritual influence helped me to reconnect with the mystical roots of my origins when I truly needed it.

moi_2 altar me_tea3

After graduating with a Business Degree from Boston University, I moved to Europe. Unintentionally, and unexpectedly it became my home. I fell in love with Italy, a country that enchanted me with its history and beauty and nurtured my love for art and style. It was here that I finally found my own way and discovered parts of me I didn’t know I had.

It also gave me the opportunity to work for the brands I’d always admired, traveling and embracing new challenges in the digital world. But while corporate life taught me many things, its pace ultimately led me to stop, slow down and refocus.

During my sabbatical, I envisioned helping others find the same clarity I was lacking, and, inspired by my personal journey, I founded NOMAD ATELIER.

Alongside that, I now run my own STUDIO, offering digital and creative consultancy. This is a space where I continue to be innovative and feed my passion for telling stories, sharing my expertise to position brands to grow into successful businesses.

My travels and everything around me, from art to books, cinema to interior design, influence my style and my life.

This blog is my personal creative space, enriched with stories from past voyages and others yet to come. I hope to make it as intimate a space as my nomad home. I want to share here anything that can bring you closer to being true to yourself so you can inhabit a creative and fulfilling life.

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You’ll also find advice and motivation from amazing women who are boldly and bravely forging their way… Stories of women whom I admire for their dreams, their businesses, their projects, or simply for their effortless style.

This is my blog for all you courageous dreamers, self-believers, magic-seekers, unapologetically determined to live your dreams.

Please make yourself at home.