Sometimes it is not a person but a place that can capture your soul. I was only 22 years old and had just graduated from university, with a desire to experience something different before starting my career. Curious to learn another language and live in between old palazzos, I ventured to Florence to study jewelry design for a few months.

We never know when our work will be shared with the world and admired by others. Start somewhere. You can't wait for yourself to have enough confidence because those things are never going to happen by waiting. Be inspired by others that have listened to their passion and voice inside #helmutnewton #courageous #dreamers #makeithappen Beautiful pic via franco_bottocini #presence #capetown # am Here IMG_8257

What I did not know was that this would be only the beginning of my life in Italy. Instead of following the “big city” dream, I moved to a small Italian town called Treviso and entered the world of Fashion.

My heart and instinct proved me right in choosing to stay. Years flew by quickly, enchanted as I was by my new friends, beautiful surroundings and new cultural influences. Even today when I wander off to other places and live abroad for some time, I always come back to this secret jewel close to Venice where I feel at home.

Born in a different land from different origins, I nurtured Italy in my heart, as the place where I fell “in love” for the first time with a lifestyle and culture that became my own.

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I am grateful to a dear friend whom opened his home and invited me to try a new experience. I am thankful to this country for always making me feel so welcome and being an integral part of my school of life.

Like with so many encounters or instinctive choices, you never know which ones will change you forever.

Embrace it all, the uncertainty, the adventures into the unknown.

Be brave enough to listen and follow the flow.