I am always fascinated on how life guides us through our own unique journeys, leading us to discover new sides of ourselves and eventually connect the different dots when we are ready.
For some it can be a mix of their upbringing, education, work experience, while for others transitions of self-discovery and personal development come into play. Nothing inspires me more than to share stories of those who have the courage to listen within, let go and weave their true identity.

Today, I’m meeting with Federica Ferro, International Breath  & Life coach and founder of the “The Dream Corner” a conscious lifestyle platform, to talk about her personal mission, in helping people live a more conscious life & bringing awareness to her community through retreats, events and rebirthing sessions.

I still remember that evening in Paris when I met her for the first time many years ago through a dear friend. She was still in the fashion world but had something pure about her; so incredibly honest and warm that fascinated me. Today 10 years later, she brings that essence into her intuitive and creative approach when working with people’s mind, body and soul.

I share her beautiful story, of how naturally she has carved her own path connecting her different worlds around her passions and mission in life. I’m hoping that it can be an inspiration to all of us.

How did it all begin?
There are moments in life when your choices are lead by intuition. My story began in Paris during my internship with Vogue Italy, after graduating in PR and Communication in Milan. Fashion has always been a passion and a tool for self-expression. I worked in that industry for almost 10 years, feeding and portraying an image that didn’t correspond me fully as it was mainly based on appearing rather than being.
But it’s exactly for that reason that I was pulled to look inside myself until I could find my true passion.

When and where did you get deeper in your personal journey?
It was in New York, when I moved there to work in photography and styling that I discovered intuitively an entire world within. I began a personal path, practicing lots of yoga, pursuing a healthy diet and longing to find my core and live that life. I knew I had to keep my heart open to be able to make the changes I wanted.
It was exactly then when I found the courage to let go of everything I established, that I moved to Ibiza, made a ground-zero of my life and started rebuilding myself from scratch.

My decision was rewarded from Life as I soon met my husband, got married and moved to London to build our new life as a family and began my studies in Life Coaching and Rebirthing therapy.
I had a profound desire to have a family, but was not really sure what it meant until I had one! I would often ask myself :

How would I manage to keep my independence and maintain my individual identity while dedicating myself to support my husband and my children?”

I think we dream about this concept so much and until it is our moment to experience it we don’t really understand what it means. For me, the key is to remember to surrender our own Self (our Ego) in order to create harmony and unity. My family teaches me every day what I need in my personal journey to be the best version of myself.

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How did “The Dream Corner” take shape?
I always loved writing and during all those years I realized that awareness made such a radical change in my life that I wanted to inspire others to create the same.
TDC was born as a platform for self-expression, based on sharing my style, my passions and the values of enjoying life while respecting the planet and contributing to make this world a better place.
It was a corner where I was finally allowed to express my whole identity and believe in my dreams. I started to curate pop up events promoting conscious living through creativity, sustainability, education and wellbeing.

When did you get into the world of rebirthing and breathing, then?
6 years ago I met my mentor, Katia Boustani, over a dinner in Mykonos: we instantly connected and I had my first Rebirthing session with her. She is a very powerful healer and European Master in this technique and introduced me to the world of conscious breathing as a way to master Life.
In the beginning I used it as a self-care practice and then eventually obtained my rebirthing International certification gaining even more knowledge and credibility to write about conscious living and share self-healing practices. Today, it is my main profession. I teach people how to become a master of their life through mastering their breath and bring more awareness in all areas of their life.

Who is it for?
For anybody who wants to progress in their personal life and create a strong connection between body, mind and soul. Conscious breathing is a tool for self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-mastery and can be adapted to any specific area and need.
My specialties are life purpose, conscious birth & conception, stress management and relationships but I love to meet clients with completely different challenges and help them create a break through in what’s important for them.

Federica Ferro
Federica Ferro

What is “rebirthing” in the world of breathwork?
In essence, the breath is a way of channeling your awareness and self- healing. Rebirthing is a breathing technique based on conscious connected breaths through the nose, that allows you to reach different states of consciousness while freeing the body from stress, chronic pain, fatigue and also improving the immune, lymphatic, vascular system. and many other benefits.
The depth of what can you achieve through the understanding of the breathwork is what I find the most intriguing.

What does a typical session look like?
My Rebirthing sessions take place in various settings, depending on  peoples’ needs and can be particularly powerful in nature as the elements (earth, air, water, fire) help purifying and clearing our etheric body and spirit making the breathwork even more effective.

For all my clients I aim to create a holistic healing experience combining crystal healing, aromatherapy, ayurvedic teas and card reading. My typical session begins with a check-in into a person’s life journey, and focus on specific challenges and goals we want to achieve together. The first part of the session is an open dialogue dedicated to listening and coaching through creative psychology, spirituality and learning the use of affirmations.

I then guide my client through a meditative breathing and activate the energy cycles using my voice and guidance. At this stage the breather starts an inner journey, moving through different layers of mind and body, experiencing various sensations and emotions and eventually reaching a point of total surrender and bliss unique to every person. The last part of the session includes sharing of the experience and going through a series of affirmations and exercises I write for the clients, for them to use between sessions as a way to empower their mind around specific elements we previously discussed or that arised during the session.

Federica Ferro

What piece of advice would you give your 21-year-old self?
Believe in yourself always. Trust and love yourself, and DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

What do you love about being a woman?
Femininity and everything about Feminine Intelligence. We can tap into our emotions, we are more inclined to take care of ourselves an others . Being mothers. The way we love.

Where do you find inspiration?
From everything: the city life, seeing new places, nature, doing new things, my yoga class and the people in it. Life is a constant inspiration.

How do you describe your style?
Eclectic, rock, sexy and bohemian.

What are the living personalities that inspire you the most (both professionally and personally), but also in style?
My husband, a creative genius, super stylish and a dreamer like me. My friends, they are an extension of my family and I feel so lucky to have so many incredible inspiring people in my life. They believe in me and I believe in them and we help and encourage each other whenever we need. They are my Dream Corner tribe.
All entrepreneurs that are investing in ethical and sustainable projects combining professional and economic success with integrity and values.

Who would your intimate dinner party guests be?
My husband and a few best friends, a real luxury as we are always surrounded by so many people!

The books that have influenced you the most?
Osho, The Law of Attraction, The Power of Now

Do you have any rituals?
I love rituals, they are my way of creating magic, of directing energy through my intention and they are a very important part of my self-care and daily routine.

I have my own way of feeling in balance, and love smudging to clean spaces and give energy back to meaningful objects. Fire breathing really transforms my emotional state. I often use my decks of cards (as an inner compass) together with conscious breathing and use of crystals.

Federica Ferro
Federica Ferro


Fig, berries and fruits.

Salty Dark chocolate and liquorice

Silk, cashmere and velvet.

Children laughing, house music, Om.

Pink and turquoise, make me feel in peace with Beauty.

What is your personal motto?
“Life must be celebrated”

What’s best advice you’ve ever gotten?
“Be responsible for yourself”

Federica  is  the first interview of  “Women of Spirit” series, look forward to having her as a guest in one of Nomad Atelier events next year.